ASPA Partner Focus #4 — Announcing the Latest Stake Pool Operators Partnering with Ardana

Ardana is kicking off October by welcoming our latest Ardana Stake Pool Alliance (ASPA) partners! We have captured a snapshot of each stake pool below. We share their mission and goals, who they are as a team, and they let us know what inspires them about Cardano and Ardana.

Please join us in welcoming onboard the latest SPOs!

AdaLoop [ALOOP]

Created in January 2021, AdaLoop aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities; up to 20% of the stake pool’s rewards are donated to AbleGamers. The idea to raise awareness and promote AbleGamers’ mission came about during the Covid pandemic when the world was experiencing the negative effects of social isolation. Unfortunately, isolation is a daily reality for those living with disabilities. Gaming can help improve the quality of life for those isolated and provides an opportunity for AbleGamer participants to meet fellow gamers online.

Like Cardano, AdaLoop believes that the future is decentralised and recognises smart contracts are revolutionising the way the world resolves agreements.

AdaPool commented, “As a result of the collaboration with Ardana, we’ll be able to offer value and usability. Ardana will be the best choice to borrow, lend, swap, or stake as a decentralised stablecoin and DEX liquidity, and AdaLoop is looking forward to encouraging adoption through social media and future collaboration with stake pool operations.”

Cardanesia [ADI]

Cardanesia supports local communities by donating 10% of the pool’s rewards to Rumah Zakat Indonesia, an Indonesian humanitarian organisation. The institution manages donations and other social funds through community empowerment programs. Cardanesia is one of the first pools registered since the Shelley Mainnet launched in July 2020. The stake pool started as a hobby but has come a long way since then.

Cardanesia believes that the research-driven and scientific approach that Cardano is famed for will prove a reliable protocol for the world’s financial operating system for the coming decade. However, what drew Cardensia to Ardana was the tagline of the all-in-one DeFi platform. “It really made us excited that Ardana could be one of the main activity centres in the Cardano blockchain.”

Time To Stake 17 [TTS17]

TTS17 have a deep appreciation for all things artistic and believe that arts and culture are the most powerful forces fighting societal stagnation. They are on a mission to develop tools to bridge the gap between the world of art and the world of technology. The team allocate 10% of their operation reward to creative projects.

TTS17 launched on the mainnet in early November last year. The summer prior, the team spent a great deal of time studying the Cardano blockchain and becoming familiar with how Ouroboros work in particular. This research is what inspired the TTS17 stake pool.

The team view Cardano as a place where different types of art and culture can find a platform to store and enhance their works and where the creator, as well as the owner of that art, can benefit.

The team are delighted to be part of the Ardana SPO program and look forward to working together.

Quixote Dream Pool [QXT]

Quixote Dream Pool hails from La Mancha, Spain. They invest their profits in supporting new tech projects in blockchain, IT and software. The stake pool promotes the Cardano project and acts as a technology translator. The team also work to help companies and businesses enable the ability to pay with ADA.

The team was inspired by Cardano’s vision of decentralisation and launched the Stake Pool in April 2021. The main focus of Quixote Dream Pool is to support the growth of the Cardano network and the development of technology projects in the Spanish region of La Mancha, one of the least developed regions in Europe.

Quixote Dream Pool contributes to Cardano by setting up an environmentally friendly and sustainable stake pool (their current energy consumption is 29Wh). The team also supports others interested in setting up their own stake pools. They strongly believe that the future lies in low-consumption systems and that this is the way to improve current financial systems across the board.

Quixote Dream Pool is excited to be part of Ardana. They believe Ardana has created a platform that engages the entire Cardano community in a project: Delegators, DEX and Pools.

ADA4Good [A4G]

ADA4Good began in February 2021 as a dream to educate children through donations, connect them to the broader world, and empower them with Cardano. They founded the xSPO alliance for small stake pools and work to share staking revenue with delegates. They are driven by Cardano’s vision for Africa to empower billions of unbanked people.

As a single operator stake pool, Vahid from ADA4Good works tirelessly to hone his technical skills, work as a trader, and leverage his 20 years of experience in sales and marketing to keep an active community.

ADA4Good understands that Cardano cannot excel without a stable coin because the DeFi ecosystem needs it; this is why they believe in Ardana. They view Ardana and its public team as a partner to help grow the Cardano community and achieve their mission. They are excited to join ASPA to increase their mark on the Cardano community and more effectively achieve their mission.


Thank you for reading the fourth article in the ASPA Partner Focus Series! Any interested stake pools that would like to join Ardana Stake Pool Alliance (ASPA) click this link to access our application, and you could be featured on our website and in a future ASPA Partner Focus article. We at Ardana understand that for DeFi on Cardano to flourish, stake pools must be engaged from inception to adoption.


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