Who’s creative?

Creativity Science for Designers: Who is creative? — Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, I gave an overview of the history of creativity and consensual definition of it, how the creative process works and the outstanding models to map creativity. We looked at how creativity is a result of a fusion of many different elements that occur at the right time and place, and sometimes at random. In this part, I’m gonna tell you what I learned about the essential component of creativity and the main catalyst — the creative self. I’ll look at creative individuals and their different qualities.

The Genius is Complex

Eight Intelligences from MI Theory
Suppressed genius
Brain’s Connectivity

Brain’s Connectivity

Neuron Axon transmit electrical impulses to other neurons.

Creatives Don’t Have Higher IQ

Creative IQ-meter
Awareness of one’s creative potential is key to high achievements.
Wiring of human brain, from the Human Connectome Project.

Making Associations and the Role of Knowledge

Darwin and Wallace both read Essay on Population by Malthus
Sample question from Remote Associate Test. The right answer is “white”.
Dylan Thomas on the right vs The Great Gatsby on the left. Scientific America

Brain’s Creativity Network

Default Mode Network regions
Mind-wandering under the shower

What else do we need to know?

Creative individual psychometrics

The Bottom Line

As always, thank you for reading…

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