Divorced, Single, Sexy, Dating? A new group for women!

As a seasoned psychotherapist, life coach, relationship expert and woman, who has been around the block, I believe strongly when women collaborate, have each other’s backs, we all become stronger, more confident, resilient and unified! It’s a win-win for all!

I was asked by Christina Sierra, RN, founder and owner of Venus and Venum, a fabulous medi-spa in Nanuet N.Y., to moderate, facilitate, coach a brand new women’s support group that starts on October 19th 7 pm and will meet on a monthly basis. I’ve known Chris for many years. She’s a single Mom, an innovator and entrepeneur who has lifted the spirits of many women and men with her warmth and her artistry with injectable fillers. Her most famous client to date is the legendary Chita Rivera!

Being single, divorced, perhaps with kids leaves women feeling vunerable especially with navigating the current on-line dating scene. Where Zoosk, Match, eHarmony, JDate, OKCupid used to be the go to’s, for the “younger set,” now phone Apps, like Tinder and Bumble are touted as different and better options!

A bit about Bumble. Millennial women are flocking to Bumble. Why have some women moved from Tinder? With Bumble a women are required to make the first move. I love that!! Every chat requires a 24 hour response, if no response, it’s dropped. Bumble is also being advertised and successfully being “user friendly” in facilitating and making friendship connections. Bumble currently has 1 million active users. Similiar to Tinder, swiping to the right shows interest, with Bumble while swiping to the the left is about disengagement! The founder of Bumble, a woman, and former employee for Tinder felt “she wanted to give women more control, and was concerned with demeaning comments and bullying remarks that were coming up on the Tinder App. So far it’s working well!

I can attest to Bumble via some of my heterosexual and gay women patients, who have met plenty of interesting and colorful dates and potential friends. I too know a number of couples that met on Tinder as well.

I can’t wait to meet some very smart and savvy women looking for direction, advice and support from me and a fun, warm grassroots support group geared towards lifting spirits with stimulating conversation and eye opening narratives!