On the Potential & Limits of AI — The Facts Beneath the Hype
Lance Ng

Lance it is a great article but the target audience is wrong, most of the folks here are more aware of the limitations. This article will be great for general public and technical folks not aware of what AI is at this time and what it can achieve.

It would have been great if you separated the Narrow AI from General AI in which most movies and Science Fiction has concentrated on and then explain the limitation of Narrow AI.

Having studied the Neural Network and AI, some 25 years ago, I do not subscribed to predictions that have failed time after time regarding our AI capability. What is different now is a collective of great mind across the world that push the algorithm and Frame Work forward but Hardware limitation will persist and even get worst (Silicon Scaling).

For us to make a breakthrough, we do not need Quantum Computers, we need to create biological systems much like the Chemical/Electrical brain Neuron. Simple, Low Power and High performance.

Today AI is just an emulation of fraction of that capability on Faster Computing platform using GPU, Van Newman CPU and Custom Silicon.