Achieve More: Learn to Focus and Manage Your Energy

Yes, we’re all busy! Most of us spent our time working, commuting, buying groceries, hanging out, exercising, sleeping, and maintaining relationships with family/friends/spouse, and other things.

If you are reading this, you probably want to find a way to be more focused.

We have ambitions but we have limited time in our day-to-day life. We either want to get promoted on our 9 to 5, building a new venture, do side hustles, or just trying to be a better person than yesterday.

So what we can do about it?

Be More Focused by having Purpose

As most of our week begins every Monday, the first thing we could do is to have weekly goals planned in advance. By then we can start our week with a clear destination in mind.

It‘s good to start by defining the 3 big things that you want to achieve.

The best time to do that is either on Monday morning (say at 5–6 AM) or during the Sunday evening (say at 4–7 PM)

Done planning? Execute it and don’t forget to put first things first. Discipline, and prioritize our day-to-day actions based on what is most important, not what is most urgent.

Manage your time & manage your energy

Now, the busy week is starting soon. After commuting, you arrived at your lovely office on the 21st floor of Jakarta’s skyscraper. Or if you’re lucky enough, you can work from home anytime you want.

Start your week, remember your plan, and do the hardest things first.

What is the hardest things? It could be the most energy consuming activities like drafting your important presentation, calling your important client, or to have a meeting with the director, and so on.

By then, your energy will go into the activity with the highest impact.

Block your time — Either you are an individual contributor or team player, what you could do is to block your Ms. Outlook or Google Calendar to do your “important” work, so that your co-worker won’t disturb you at your peak focus time.

Block your calendar for doing Personal Work

Manage expectations — Be sure that your supervisor/boss/clients are aligned with your priority, so they will respect your time.

Manage your (phone) notification

We are now live in a busier time than ever. To be more focused, it would be good to minimize external distractions as much as possible. Yes, so many social media apps, e-commerce, mainstream news, and other apps are racing to get our attention. So what you could do about it?

  1. Turn off Instagram, Twitter, your fav e-commerce, and your fav news apps notification.
  2. Set Do Not Disturb status
  3. Or just simply not touch your phone if you can

Track the progress

Now, the other thing you could do is track your progress. In an ideal way, we want to finish our important task as quickly as we can, but in reality, our boss could give us urgent things to be done by end of the day, perhaps our family/friends might need our help, which overlaps with our planned priority.

To keep your schedule on track, try to use simple tools like:

  1. Simple To-do-List: Notes / Microsoft To-do / Sticky Notes
  2. Going back to basic: Write on Paper

Other benefit of tracking your progress is once you cross your activity, you can get a sense of accomplishment.

Take away

The best time to be more focused and achieve more in life is now!

Start by building good habits by planning things in advance. Focus on your most important task. Next, step up the game by minimizing distraction and completing it by tracking your progress.

If you could master your week, you could master your month or even year by creating master plans with a similar principle.

Good luck! And if you made it this far, thank you so much for reading my inner though in a form of this article.



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