Time flies so fast, this week is finally the final week for technical class and also this weekly reflection writing journey. A lot of things have happened and I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge.

For me, as a front-end student, I got a lot of new things since I join Generasi Gigih. 6 weeks ago I don’t know how to use react.js, I was not fluent in using JavaScript and I couldn’t use TypeScript. But now, I know how to use React.js and its family such as React-Native that use for mobile development. …

So, Generasi Gigih for intermediate class is finally will come to an end after a fun and long journey that I have faced. In this week’s reflections, I need to choose three questions that come from other participants and sorted by Generasi Gigih teams. So this is my question of choice.

  1. How has this program changed your life during this lockdown period?
    This program is changed my life obviously. I get new knowledge, new experience, and I get new friends. By joining this program, I become more productive and I can also use my free time to get things done.

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Experience board? I was kinda surprised about my point displayed on the experience board. Being not a really active person in the class makes me think I would be at the bottom, but the reality is not like that.

I feel like my current is above my expectation. I know that my current position is only on the top half of all the generasi gigih participants, not on the top 50 or even top 10. But based on the score that I have, I know that actually I can. I’m too pessimistic and not confident about myself, and I’m pretty…

I can’t believe the time goes by so fast, I’ve been joined Generasi Gigih Intermediate Class program halfway through. It’s feel like last week I just started the class. This becomes a fun and challenging experience for me. The material is getting harder and harder, also the homework obviously. But at the same time, it is fun to discover new knowledge and get insight from the other participant.

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I feel I am more productive and I gain a lot of new knowledge from this class. If I can describe this as a natural disaster, I think it would be a…

It’s been a while since I’m doing web development. I also rarely use any framework or library when doing web development. When I apply to generasi gigih program, I know that I challenged myself to do web development and I know that I will struggle in the future. There have been a fun and challenging journey in generasi gigih.

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I know react library for a long time, but I never use it before. For me react is one of the most popular library when doing web development. …

Ardian Alphita

A Informatic Engineer student who love creating app

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