To Millions of Muslims That Took The Streets of Jakarta
Dezaldy Irfianza Irfan

as one of the millions of muslim taking the streets of Jakarta, i feel the need to comment on your opinion.

First of all your misinformed/misleading comments on why we did what we did:

1. Ahok clearly and factually conducted blasphemy, this is not based on someone’s post on social media, but it was stated by the MUI, the highest body that has the authoritative right to impose fatwa in this country, case you missed it, you can see it here. And by the way, did you really think the police does not have legal basis in naming him as suspect?

2. No, it’s not about having a non-muslim as governor, if this was the reason then we obviously have done this when he was appointed.

3. Its definitely not about race, there is nothing in this act is. It is about fighting bigotry. bigotry is defined as intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself, and guess who said to not be fooled with a verse from the Quran in front of the people who hold their belief of the book dearly with all their hearts? Ahok did. Can you see who the bigot is now? Glad that you mentioned Trump election in the situation so that you can see clearly whose act is in common with Trump.

You mentioned that we strive in our democratic society yet you condemned us taking the street voicing our concern, and did you know that it was not a was a prayer, and no we did not pray for ourselves we prayed for the wellbeing of our nation, and yet once again you called us selfish.

And last of all, No! the Quran is not just a book, for us it’s a guidance for life, it is what define us as muslim. And last time I checked, practicing religion is one of the basic human rights in this country, as in the first principle in Pancasila, and conducting what is instructed to us in the Quran is practicing our religion.

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