How 17 Years old Students make a Mobile Game Studio

Me at Game Networking Jakarta 2017

Good night, fellas

Let this ‘young man’ introduces himself (and his great team)

Ardi Muhammad Husen — (diy)
17 Y.o, Founder, Game Producer (also Game Programmer) (a small indie game team that make mobile games with full of heart)
an INTJ, currently just recovered from a really heavy stress (14th May 2017)

Some Facts about myself

  1. As a student, my school life isn’t so much interesting, just like another ordinary students.
  2. Sometime i can be very happy, sometime can be very sad, and sometime can be both.
  3. The worst things in my life ? (till today) : both my school’s internship program and my love story.
  4. The best thing ? when i finally found my true passion that wakes my old dream up. (and meet the other great guys that helps me to pursue it.)
ARUBY Games,

The Team

the guys behind all the efforts and sacrifices. the guys that always wake up at late nights. the smart guys that have persistence and consistency.

Currently my team making mobile game named #PenguinJumpAdventure

It’s a top-down arcade game where there is a Penguin who surviving in the antarctic area from the falling bombs, in order to chase the octopus alien who abducting the penguin’s friends.
the ‘crazy’ guys behind the team, I’m really proud of them.

How this all began ?

This all started when i’m around 9 or 10 years old, my dad gave me a Personal Computer (yea, with the good old Windows Xp and 1.6 ghz Pentium IV) as the gift for my Khitan.

this picture is just illustration — not my real first PC

Then i started learning some softwares like Ms.Paint and Photoshop

Around 11–12 years old, i already made some of my first games :

still have some of them on my ‘online drive’

Some screenshots of my first ‘Games’

Tap the images to zoom-in / zoom out
Tap the images to zoom-in / zoom out

Sorry for that bad UI and UX Design (I don’t even know what is UI and UX at that time)

I made those games when i’m in elementary school.

Since that time, i stopped making games, because i don’t know what’s the purpose of making that game, i just made them only for fun.
me (on the left), Rudi and Bayu (right next to me)

Year after year, in the middle of 2016, there’s this two guys come to me, and says ‘Lets make a Messenger App and publish it to the App stores !’

then, I started to thinking, the Messenger App competition is dominated by Huge capitals, like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc,

So i said to them, ‘I Think it would be hard to make a Messenger App, the competition and it’s life cost is a big amount.

How about making Mobile Games ? Since the mobile market is really growing and the market demands is huge ?”

Then we started to learning any skills that we need to make the game, I started with the programming (C++), then my two guys learn the art (graphic and the music).

Month after month, we started the ideation of the game, started with some wireframes, rough-concept art, and more..

wireframes for the Player-flow
almost finished game arts, nearly the final version of the game art

After the ideation of the game is done, then some of talented guys joined us

Shabrina (the only one girl in the team, our QA & Tester) Jiehan (next to shabrina) our beloved web developer & programmer . Andreas (the right with the Macbook) our great Game Programmer. Satria (not captured by the camera) our Game character designer.

The struggles

isn’t easy to develop the game, since we’re rarely meet together, and the other teams member also have another routinities, like schools and their real life.

but we’re have persistence and consistency,

so we’re communicate over the internet by a messenger app, to discuss and work on the game development together.

The Game itself

Finally, after 8 month of development, this game will be on Beta version ! (yay)
we’re planning it to release on the Google Play Store at the late June 2017.

you can download the Alpha version from the link below,

Thank you for reading this article,
We’ll update our game development on our Website and social media pages. thank you very much ! :)

I’ll close this article with 2 quotes :

Before 30 Years Old:

Follow somebody. Go to a small company. Normally in a big company it’s good to learn processes. You’re a part of a big machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the passion, you learn the dreams, and you learn how to do lots of things at any one time. So before 30 years old, it’s not which company you go, it’s which boss you follow. It’s very important. A good boss teaches you differently.

Jack Ma — Chairman of Alibaba Group

“Jangan cuma bikin Game, tetapi bikin Perusahaan Game !”

Eldwin Viriya — CEO & Founder at Own Games