Short Interview with Yi Wei, Founder and Director of Kurechii

Postknight, one of the Kurechii’s recent Game
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1. Q : when do you start making your very first game ?
 A : i think it’s a college project, but my very first project is in primary school, like a “buku latihan”, some puzzles, and that’s where i design my first game.

2. Q : what is your best technique to market your game ?
 A : make sure the game quality is really good, it looks good it feels good, when you look at it, your feels like it’s fun already. visually appealing is more important, because people don’t know what game it’s about, don’t know who’s created it, but if it’s looks good, they’ll always curious about it. i think that’s the most basic marketing we can do, because we don’t have money to promote on it, at least when people looking on our game, then want to play it.

3. Q : what do you think is the key factor of a successful game in the term of revenue ?
 A : i think it’s about player finding the values in the game, if they find value, they will spend. how do you make the values in the game, so there’s one reason why free to play games do better in terms of monetization, because they get to play it, when they play it, they can find it, if they like it, they find the value, they’ll buy. and make sure it’s high quality and add more values, and if the game is about experience make sure it have a good experience, if they find value on it, they’ll pay for it.

4. Q : can you give some advice for gamedev startups that just started ?
 A : if you just started, just putting your game update, just continue doing it, and you’ll definitely will learn. and remember when you make the next project, make sure you try to solve the problem you facing in the first project.

5. Q : what is the hardest challenge when you started kurechii ?
 A : i think the hardest challenge is to finish the first game, because i have no idea on how to really finish the game, when does it consider complete, and how can i ship it. that definitely the hardest challenge, be looking on it, and if you like you can ship it, you can ship it anytime you like, so you don’t know when to ship, that’s the hardest challenge.

6. Q : what do you want to say to Indonesian game developers that just starting up ?
 A : start small, but think big. you need to think something big on what you want to do, but you start small. and one step at a time, so don’t be worry that you need to plan a lot of things, you just need to do that one step, and then don’t stop.