Spirits of the Material World (Part 4)

This part focuses on the columns built in Rome by Emperor Trajan who defeated the Macedonians. Trajan ruled from 98–117 AD. He is accredited for bringing the many riches to Rome throughout their occupation.

The column was built in recognition of the Emperor and his accomplishments. Architect Apollodorus of Damascus was thought to be the architect who worked on the column. The finished column would be made from solid marble weighing in at a total of around 1000–2000 tons. This large mass was inevitably built to highlight the times in which modern technology were non existent. Their systems of placing it all together were enough to stack them all into one large column. The Egyptians should revive some props for their contribution to tacos on how to build large, heavy masses.

On the column shared a series of comics that highlighted the Emperors various highlights throughout his lifetime. The series of comics were mainly depictions of war and triumph. They were also colored in various ways that depicted character and happiness in Rome after defeat. These colors have fades away overtime but the column all remains in tact as a memory.