Spirits of the Material World (Part 5)

This module highlighted the materials from the pass that shared a history. This history gave an understanding of what the society looked like in ancient day times. The culture was rampant with war and that fueled the economy.

Alexander from Macedonia was depicted as a Great ruler in his photo. The version displayed of him were looked at as favorable in the eyes of the Macedonians. Along with Trajan, Augustus and the other Roman’s of nobility depicted in statues, their depictions were to be made as heavenly inspirations but in reality, they were killers.

Leadership is not subjective but whether their true motives were right can be depending on the outlook. It’s all about perspective and history is usually told through the lens of the winner.

They were leaders in the sense that they kept their militaristic culture alive. Leaders in the sense that their style of fashion was distinguishable between nobility, military and common folk were completely different. Yet they were still leaders in their own right, just morally flawed ones in my eyes.

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