Business Strategy

A detailed distinction of the main definitions that strategists use when referring to organizations

Some of the terms that you will need to know by heart if you wish to build your own startup are the ones that depict a high-level representation of the way the entire company structure is managed.

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A good way to think of this is by dividing a company into different components. These words refer to either a set of these components or a relationship between them.

Unfortunately, there aren’t set definitions to differentiate between them, that is why setting straight lines between them is not only necessary but also convenient. …

Cloud Computing

An overview of Lambda service provided by AWS

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In this article, I explain in detail how to start using AWS Lambda for serverless applications. How to set up your first function, and how to connect it to other services. I rarely write step-by-step tutorials, most of my articles contain code with explanation, but I wanted to give it a try.

AWS Lambda logo

AWS Cloud

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the biggest Clouds available on the internet. The Cloud is a collection of services that a Big Tech is allowing you to rent based on your use. Instead…

Cloud Computing

An explanation of service models and why they are structured the way they are

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Your first approach to the Cloud may be very confusing. The Cloud is gigantic, and there is not only ONE Cloud, but many viable choices in the market. Soon or late, if you decide to become a programmer, you will need to start learning how to work in ONE Cloud, or, if you are unlucky, many different Clouds depending on the requests of your client.

In this article, before even explaining what are the four main service models (IAAS, PAAS, FAAS, SAAS), I will first explain in…


Simulating a complete graph with multiple metrics using code. Full code available at my repo.

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One interesting experiment I had the idea to simulate in python was the following: I have a system with n objects (people), and I would like to quantify an existing relationship between all those objects with more than one value. For example, there are three people in the system: A, B, and C. The relationship between A and B can be expressed with one value: 5, the same can be done for A and C and B and C. …

Data Science

A complete list (as of now) Feature Engineering techniques for data exploration

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In your first year of data science, it is unlikely you will understand the importance of feature engineering. This is because when you have non or little experience, especially if you are learning alone, you do not have access to big data. In fact, you will only be able to work with very small data samples, preferentially using pandas and plotly to edit and gain information about the data.

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Why feature engineering?

In reality, feature engineering becomes vital when you start transitioning into Big Data. Big Data analytics is and…

Epistemology, Education

This is how a game slowly becomes a subject with an academic structure

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In the past few years, I have been following the development of esports from a financial perspective, and the more time passed, the more I have been noticing the emergence of new patterns in the esports world: common factors across multiple video games that were becoming more evident and flourishing quicker over time.

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Then the idea came into my head: are video games being approached like academic subjects? Do they have their own rules and can they be taught in a course? …

Computer Science

One of the most intricate, yet basics, semantic riddles of computer science

One of the essential baselines to understand the client-server model is understanding what an API is, and, essentially, the difference between an HTTP and a REST API. However, googling this question (which is very common for all beginners) is unlikely to give you the answer you are searching for in a straightforward way, no matter how many websites you will look into. The reason why I jump straight to this conclusion is that it took me a while to understand the difference between the two.

In this article, I will explain this concept starting from the client-server model, probably the…

Machine Learning

Linear Regression: the Devil is in the Detail. Full code available at my repo.

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One week ago I was very excited after getting accepted to a coding test for a company I was applying to. I spent the last week preparing for hardcore coding and studying essential algorithms. The date of the test was set for yesterday when I performed my first coding test using HackerRank for an ML Engineer position.

My overall experience was pleasant, at least at the beginning, as I was able to solve 2 problems out of 3 in the first 20 minutes. I was on fire…

Machine Learning, Deep Learning

My explanation of the core difference between AI algorithms

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One of the first problems a beginner data scientist faces is understanding the difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning. In general, Machine Learning englobes the entire world of AI, while Deep Learning is a sub-category of Machine Learning. However, this does not give you any valuable insight. In this article, I would like to dig deeper into the structural differences between Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, so that you can understand what is their key difference and how to spot them.

Why understanding the difference?

If you are aspiring…

Deep Learning

Detailed explanation and algorithms, improvement of my previous code on the matter. Full code available at my repo.

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In 2020 I already published a similar article on how to perform digit classification. Although the code and the results are almost identical (is the same problem, after all), this year, after learning much more about deep learning architecture, I learned more about my code and improved, even more, introducing new functions and, hopefully, being able to explain all components of the notebook.

3D representation of a Convolutional Neural Network

Most difficult concepts

When performing image classification, there are a few meta-steps that are common to all similar models when using CNN, but may cause some confusion…

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