Summer readings: the future of ECM.

Summer season started early this year with an extreme heatwave over central Europe this week. To me, summer holidays are the perfect occasion for taking a step back from the day to day business, reading, getting inspired and thinking about the next year. My ambition for this year remains the same, although this summer I decided to share my views on some topics and maybe inspire others over summer. The summer readings will be a series of posts over the months July — September in which I’ll express my views on the future of ECM (or content services) and touch different domains like Artificial Intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), NLP (Natural Language Processing), Cognitive Computing, Conversational Interfaces, Cloud, Enterprise Search, Imaging, … and more in general the role of an SI in the ECM industry.

In preparation of this series, and for pragmatists like myself, I have applied all stated ideas on each topic into a practical application. It’s a set of prototypes and components added to the digital toolset that we currently use at RedTree.

So expect a theoretical read of a new concept, an application of that concept in a technical context and a share of my view on how this can be implemented in other organisations.

Those not interested in the whole story can follow the unfolding of the episodes in series format on Medium. Each card will contain a summarised version of the topic.

Happy reading, enjoy summer and feel free to comment or contact me.

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