Art for Commercial Spaces and Businesses

A quick guide on how to purchase art for your Office Spaces, going through the type of art and area of the wall to be covered. Read Now to learn how.

With lakhs of commuters in every Metro City across India, Commercial Spaces located in business hotspots, always have a great footfall though out the year.

With an activity occurring at every hour of the day, everyone who walks past your door is a potential customer. In this blog, we will go share with you how to make sure your clients know who you are, what you stand for and the quality of work they can expect from you, without even talking to you.

Art is your Ally

It all starts with the way you design your Office spaces, like the design choices you made for your Waiting Room, Hallway and, of course, your own workplace.

Every visitor to your office is a potential customer if you are convincing enough.

When decorating your commercial spaces, you have the power to completely transform the look and feel of a room to what you want the visitor to feel like.

Police interrogation rooms are designed to be intimidating to the suspect, and give an upper hand to the officers.

You can create a room environment which relaxes your visitors and paints you in the best of your light. Huge corporations also use this technique to make sure their employees feel the work they do is important, and keep them motivated to work.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, and one of the most underrated techniques is to hang Paintings on your walls.

In fact, the type of art you select for your commercial spaces (like offices and retail spaces) can make a world of difference in the ambience of the place.

Which also effects the mood of everyone who ever enters your workplace.

Why Upgrade your office at all!

Commercial spaces are the engine of a Nation and it is crucial to keep them working in a neat and inviting condition all the time.

While selecting Art for workspaces, it is imperative to keep in mind the effect any Painting will have on the Mental Health of your Employers.

The Character of your Company should be carefully examined. The painting you select must reflect on the Vision and Mission of your company. This works as a Subliminal Messaging Channel working wonderfully setting the perfect first impression on your clients.

Type of Painting

The most common question people ask while choosing art for commercial spaces and business is, “What type of Painting should we go for?”

Here’s a list of things you should do before Buy Art for your Office:

A cheat sheet to select Art for your office

  1. Ask yourself, “What is the service of my business?”
  2. Find What mood/values/ideas your business has to convey
  3. Consider the psychology of colour

Art for Office and Corporate Building

The most common type of art people prefer to go with are

  1. Figurative Art
  2. Landscape Art
  3. Portrait Art
  4. Abstract Art

If you are leaning towards Abstract Art

Try to get painting with dominant colours which are calming. such as purples, greens and blues.

If you are leaning towards Landscape Art

Concentrate on Greenery and Seascape. They are known to bring liveliness in the ambience.

If you are leaning towards Portrait Art

We recommend getting art featuring Individuals who’re nature resonate with the values of the company/brand. Also to keep in mind, get a painting featuring a character who is doing something productive.

If you are leaning towards Expression Art

Something which resonates with you and your work ethics. This should help you stay productive all day long, as you keep glancing towards this work of art.

Do not forget to remember the Placement and the Size of the art. Larger spaces will need a larger Painting to Balance Harmony.

Once you have decided which type of art you want, the next step is to get in contact with the Artist and talk to them about the art. Artist loves talking to customers about his art. Some times a piece of art won’t work for you, but the artist will resonate with you. In that case, you can do for other artwork from the same artist or even commission them to work on a piece specifically tailored for your need.

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