How childhood curiosity with pebbles leads her to be one of the best Abstract Artist in India | Sadhana Raddi

Sadhana Raddi, as a child loved to play with pebbles, making patterns and designs. When her teacher suggested her to give drawing examination, her life changed for good.

Hello, Please introduce yourself and what type of artwork do you work?

Hi. My Name is Sadhana Raddi. I’ve been painting Abstract art for more than 2 decades now.

What was your beginning into the art world?

Back when I was younger there was a small garden next to our home. I would usually be in the garden, either running around or playing with pebbles.

Unlike most other kids, playing with Pebbles was more fun to me than running around. You could have found me making patterns and shapes with pebbles. Eventually, I moved from pebbles to leaves because you see, leaves have a range of colour, dry leaves are of a different shade of green compared to freshly fallen leaves.

I’ve loved the colours ever since.

When did you start to take Art seriously?

In school, my art teacher looked at one of my drawing books and encouraged me to draw more.
Even so, they coaxed me to give drawing examinations.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. But in hindsight, I am glad my wonderful teachers were there to show me the way because if it wasn’t for them, I’m not sure I would have taken my talent as an artist seriously.

Seasons — Untitled 1 by Sadhana Raddi

What are your paintings about? How do you go about painting?

My usual ritual — to start paintings — is to draw geometric forms on the canvas. These forms evolve over the course of time while I paint the canvas. Sometimes these forms are overlapping with each other or breaking individually.

These multiple objects when evolved over time as I fill them with colours, they sort of get a character. Bringing harmony to the canvas.

The entire piece looks unique and is stitched together with a story of its own.

What defines you as an artist and what elements in your paintings stand for your individuality?

Colours, I speak to the world by using colours.

The first thing that comes to my mind — when asked to describe a thing or a feeling — is a colour and not a word. While painting, this gets transcribed on the canvas.
As things progress on the canvas, the association of colour changes, one particular colour is not always associated with that particular emotion. Association of colours always keeps changing.

The tonality of the colour is different across the canvas and conveys a different message.

Seasons — Untitled 2 by Sadhana Raddi

There are so many colours in your work. Reasons?

When I see the world, I see it full of colours.

Every emotion has a colour, every mood has a colour and every situation has a colour. My paintings are all about colours because the colours are all about nature. It goes in a circle.

How many shows are you planning over the next few years?

I have decided to move ahead in an unplanned way, keep working and show my artwork to the world only when it becomes a compulsion.

What is Art Creation to you?

Art Creation, for me, is like breathing, without that survival is impossible. It has gone deep in my psyche.

I also cannot survive without getting into an act of drawing, painting or reading. I feel content when I am in the zone and alone with my creativity.

That is why my art is layered work. With every layer of painting, mood changes and the meaning with it.

Art creation to me is Happiness, I am always content no matter what is going on around.
After completing family responsibilities the only goal I set for myself is pursuing art.

Seasons — Untitled 3 by Sadhana Raddi

And what is your final ambition of this artistic journey?

All I want is to be able to create art. Standing in front of my canvas, and paint the emotion from my heart with colours.

Every piece of work I have painted has some part of my life on it. I am just grateful that I am able to tell the stories in me to the world through my art.

As for what I expect from the Artistic Journey? I want to be remembered.

What inspires you in the world of art?

Whenever I look at any painting by an artist of the past, It always takes me to a place where I can see the artist sitting in front of the unfinished canvas, just giving their everything.

It’s like they are lost in their world, yet they continue to work as if it is a penance.

That moment — of being lost in a trance state where It’s just my imagination and a canvas with a bunch of colours — that has always been my Inspiration, being dedicated and having sincerity.

More Artwork

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Thank you so much for your interview, Sadhana Raddi Ma’am.

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NOTE: Part of this interview has been paraphrased, and corrected by the Artist.