Mahashivratri Art for 2019

The Great Night of Shiva. Buy yourself an original artwork by Indian Artists this Mahashivratri & celebrate The Great Night of Shiva.

Ardizen Artworks
Feb 28, 2019 · 4 min read

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, we will be showcasing a few Religious theme painting to brighten up your holy Night.

Every Artist is particular about what they paint, and some find true comfort in Religious Paintings. Here is a list of artists with their mesmerizing paintings which will be perfect for your home.

If you like any painting and want to buy it, feel free to contact us at

Artist Sandeep Rawal

We’ve had the privilege of talking to Mr Rawal earlier. And he shares with us his love for religious paintings.

Talking a quick glance on his work it was evident he can make some really influential artwork.

Sandeep Raval's Series of Painting on a single topic is fascinating.

It’s like hearing a story from multiple sources with each one being unique in its own, but so similar in their message.

Each painting tells its own unique story.

Watching all of the paintings next to each other show the vision Artist had in his mind while working on the series.

Artist Rajeshwar Nyalapalli

Using a mixed colour palette to paint a picture so perfectly is something Mr Nyalapalli has mastered over the years.

Artist uses a spectrum of colour to paint the emotion and feeling of being in love.

Forever Young. Colourful. Timeless.

The range of colours in this series featuring Radha Krishna and Shiva Couple is so beautiful you can see the love between the young couples.

Artist Sujith Puthran

A collection of Portraits featuring a sadhu.

Titled Boom Shiva, this amazing life-portrait is 25 inches wide and 19 inches tall.

Lifelike. Brilliant. Bright.

Lord Shiva by Madhav Joshi

Painted on a circular paper with Ink Colour, Artist Madhav Joshi painted this unique artwork in their signature art style.

This Lord Shiva Painting Feature a villager and his sidekick cattle near a Lingam, worshipping.

Beautifully painted, you could stare at this painting for hours.

Artist Bhaskar Lahiri

A sure guest pleaser. Painted with Immense details, these artworks by Artist Lahiri are an example of great conversation starters.

A collection of Religous Figurative Painting.


For more Art on Mahashivratri, check out our Exhibition Mahashivratri 2019

If you like any painting and want to buy it, feel free to contact us at

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