Things to Know About Minimally Invasive Surgery Singapore

Throughout the state of Singapore, one can easily find numerous surgeons who generally perform some spinal surgeries and also several other procedures pertaining to the back. Meanwhile, only the best offer minimally invasive surgery mainly due to delicate nature of the method and equipment used properly.

If you don’t get much idea about those of minimally in invasive spine surgery mainly due to the delicate nature of the important method and equipment used. If you don’t have proper ideas about minimally invasive surgery, you will then be definitely happy to know that it is quite safer and also quicker than others are.

In order to perform minimally invasive spine surgery, an attending physicians generally use a small tube that is fully equipped with a tiny camera mainly to see inside of your back. Such tube is mainly referred as endoscope. It has been mainly around since 1910 and was successfully brought into use in a gall bladder surgery in 1980. However, using endoscopy for spinal surgery is relatively a new concept.

Advantages of minimally invasive surgery

Here are certain great advantages of minimally invasive surgery Singapore.

Enhanced Safety — With tinier incisions, there is certainly loss trauma to one’s body and also much less blood loss. Besides, they can also have a less chance of infection.

Less Scarring — With those of small incision, there is only a great stitch or also two involved that clearly means less scarring.

Quick recovery — Traditional surgeries are something that tends to take up at least two months to recover from, but also minimally invasive procedures only take a few weeks on average.

Lower period of your stay at hospital — According to most MIS rules that are also termed as 23-hour discharge or they are a scheduled outpatient surgery. It is physicians dependent as well as based on the work that needs to be performed.

What should be the expectation of patient?

Well, it is always nerve wracking to go into a procedure and also not know what exactly will take place. Here is what one should plan before, during and also after minimally invasive back surgery.

Preparation for surgery

Doctors generally advise patients before three to four weeks to engage in several steps that include quitting smoking, not taking aspirin or several other blood thinner getting lab work done and also pre-registering for the upcoming hospital visit. Besides, doctors also advise that patients should quit all hormone replacement therapy. The day before the surgery the patient can schedule a post-op appointment with the doctor. This is generally scheduled about two weeks after the surgery.