Going through Stanford (5.8 miles) 07/31/2016

walk along El Camino Real

The walk was along El Camino Real, past Palo Alto High, Stanford and Stanford shopping center. We went to some parts of Stanford campus that neither of us had visited before. And we discovered a vegetable garden where Stanford community members grow their own vegetable/fruits. At Stanford shopping center, we saw the ‘famous’ or ‘infamous’ robot being ‘charged’.

Stanford community garden, the house teardown site we saw two weeks ago is now cleared up …
not that many places where Neiman Marcus, Apple store, Tesla, LV sites next to each other
the reason Apple store is so shinny, someone has to clean them | Stanford’s ‘stone river’ sculpture | robot at Stanford shopping center sleeping on its charging pad
super powered (for the Chinese customers?)
someone borrowed Google bike and rode to Stanford campus
a little library — take what you want
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