Are Airports a part of your OmniChannel Strategy?

Air Travelers waiting for their flights at airports have always been the target audience for most retailers selling Duty free items, gifts, chocolates, alcohol and souvenirs.

With Air Travel growing rapidly, In-Terminal shopping is getting a lot of attention from store owners, and nearly all new airports and the ones being revamped are dedicating a large portion of their floor space towards shopping.

When it comes to building an Omni Channel Strategy, most retailers somehow seem to miss this huge potential and are content focusing on their user’s touch points across the store and the eCommerce Portal on different devices.

Some of the following Omni Channel ideas can potentially help brands re-look at Airports a significant part of their business strategy.

Pickup from Terminal

Imagine you are traveling to meet friends and relatives and obviously need to carry gifts. However you don’t want to be carrying them all the way with you or run a risk of overshooting your baggage weight limits... Life would be so wonderful if your favorite commerce site allowed you to select your destination airport as the point of pickup for your orders so that you can collect them as you are getting out of the airport.

Imagine the Business Traveler who while waiting for his flight, just realized that the laptop charger is still at home, can order for a new one to be picked up at the destination terminal and not go through the entire flight worrying whether and where he/she will find that Apple or Dell store.

Remote Terminal Shopping

In-Terminal Shopping is something that most of us do quite frequently, however there has always been that curiosity to know what could one find at their destination. If only brands had Kiosks or sections on their Commerce site which allowed us to browse and also place orders for products available at the destination terminal.

Travelers are far less probable to shop or make purchases on their way out of an Airport even if they found it interesting. It thus becomes all the more important to try and get their attention while they wait before boarding the flight.

Put in a QR Code somewhere on that Ad

Brands spend a good amount of money on ensuring that the advertising at the terminals is world class. Travelers too enjoy looking at all the beautiful imagery and many of them would also think about buying the product when they get a chance. But the moment they step into the plane all is forgotten. Having a simple QR code somewhere on the corner of that ad would go a long way in allowing visitors to scan it, view the product online and given the time they have, even make the purchase directly from my mobile device.

Converting the User from Browsing to Shopping

A significant section of air travelers prefer to browse / walk through the stores at the airport terminal, and in most cases there is no one or nothing that engages with them to move their browsing experience to the next level.

The benefits of using proximity sensors like the Gimbal or the iBeacons in retails stores is quite well established. The same benefits hold true when used in the context of an in-terminal experience. In fact use-cases like providing push notifications or real-time personalized offers in airport stores is more crucial as they have the potential to convert browsing visitors into buyers, whereas in regular retail stores the probability is more of cross-selling or up-selling to a person who has walked into the store with the intent of buying something.

Personalization & Smart Recommendations

With all the information overload in today’s world, personalization and the right recommendations are the key to success for any retail brand.

Today it is easy to get information about things like, where is the traveler traveling to? Approximately how long will they be traveling? Is the travel for business or pleasure, has the flight been delayed etc.

One can get access to all this information by simply encouraging the traveler to scan his/her boarding pass as they enter the store.

Taking this information and it collating with data from the user’s wishlists and previously searched products, brands can push recommendations along with offers to the traveler’s mobile device.

To conclude, with air travel growing at such a fast pace, airports will become the coveted place for brands to engage with your current and potential customers.

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