Safest Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat in Broward County & Fort Lauderdale

Halloween is the only acceptable time for our children to take candy from strangers. In a populated city like Fort Lauderdale drunk driving accidents increase and crime rates peak on October 31st. In an effort to keep you and your family safer this Halloween, we composed a list of the best neighborhoods to take your child trick or treating this year. Not only do these spots have the lowest crime rates, they have the best candy! Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself!

1. Harbor Beach

Not only is Harbor Beach one of the safest towns in Fort Lauderdale, it’s the best place to take your little ones! This gated community is full of doctors, lawyers, teachers and not to mention, giant mansions. The sweet spot will be on 17th street right by the A1A. Fort Lauderdale injury attorney Jason Chalik explains trick-or-treating in gated communities lowers the risk of pedestrian related accidents. Chances are there will be several drunk drivers on the road, so keep your little ones safe!

2. Pasadena Lakes

Pasadena Lakes is located in Pembroke Pines by University Drive and it Sheridan St. It’s filled with lakefront homes that are well stocked with only the finest candy in the county! Neighbors in this town stock up for your little monsters and aren’t shy on the portioning.

3. Victoria Park

Located by Sunrise Blvd and Federal Highway, this neighborhood is just flooding with crowds of trick-or-treaters. Every year this area has a huge turnout that’s perfect for families. The key to grabbing all the candy is arriving early.

4. Hollywood Lakes

Hollywood lakes is an extremely family oriented place to trick or treat. Located on the west side of town this area is filled with zombies, rugrats and festive houses. Here you will find neighbors handing out loads of twix bars and snickers. It is also an extremely populated area which makes for a fun and spooky atmosphere.