Act. 1 — The Meaning of Color

Color Palette Story

Once upon a time there was this boy, his name was Zacharias. He was 11 years old. He was kind of short, with long curly hair, and a really positive attitude. He always wore blue, it was his favorite color.

He only had five shirts to wear, and he wore them depending on how he was feeling that day. He was always remainded of his feelings because of his shirts, and he didn’t allow himself to change his shirt in one entire day.

He wore his Isabelline (#EEF4ED) shirt when he felt at ease, pure, like he could do anything, be anything he wanted.

He wore his Pewter Blue (#8DA9C4) shirt when he felt free, happy, joyous, loved, he would love everyone, never judge or make someone else feel bad.

He wore his Dark Cerulian (#134074) shirt when he felt down, not so happy, kind of negative, like no one cared about him.

He wore his Prussian Blue (#13315C) shirt when he felt lonely, kind of disgusted with the world, negative, scared, not okay with himself.

Finally, he wore his Oxford Blue (#OB2545) shirt when he felt angry, dark, vengative, kind of sadist, overall the boy he didn’t want to become. But he had to deal with his emotions every single day because of his blue shirts.

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