Earth Day

My POV (Point Of View)

For starters I think this final project was really interesting. We had the opportunity to investigate and create activities on Earth Day. I was on the music team and at first we were all kind of stressed because we thought “Earth Day? How can we relate music with Earth Day?” But eventually with our brainstorm we managed to create a plan. We would give a concert called “Outdoor sessions”.

Each class we used to decide which songs we were going to play, and how we were going to divide the work. At first our heads were completely blank, with just some little ideas on songs we could perform, but then we got some cool ideas. We thought of a Disney themed concert, because well everybody loves Disney, and Disney has some cool songs that could be related with Earth Day. Then we decided the roles of each member. We were going to perform three duets, and two ensembles. We were also going to create two videos, one introducing ourselves and the other one a music video including people from all of our high school. Finally we used our final classes before the presentation to rehearse all of our songs. We then started to find out that not all of us were going to be able to perform so we had to move our schedule a little bit. We were still trying to figure out how we were going to complete our time, and finally the latest bad news we received was that there wasn’t going to be a screen at the time of our presentation so we once again had to reschedule. We had to go speak with some different teachers about the screen situation but we couldn’t accomplish anything since the schedule for that day and the screen was already made and could not be changed. Finally we had our presentation prepared. Three duets, two trios, and we would present the videos later when the screen would be on. The day of the performance was actually pretty fun, I enjoyed being on stage with my team/friends. We received some pretty nice feedback so we were all proud of our work.

It was cool to see us all working for this project in class, the media team with their gifs, the activation team with their activities, etc., I can only say this was a cool project for everyone that was participating. It was also a great bonding experience since we are all graduating soon, so we got to hang out and create something worth watching with our classmates.

My role in this project was to guide my teammates and help them select their songs and also help them rehearse. I feel like I was responsible because in each class it did matter to me what we were going to do and how was it going to happen. I can’t speak for everyone in my team but overall I think we did a good job and we managed to be responsible and do our own part of the work. Honestly, I can say that the music team was well selected, since we all have some kind of musical talent, and we got to help each other out with whatever knowledge each of us has. At the end I did end up playing the violin in an original song because, well what is a better place to perform than in a space that is already given to you? And you get to play one last time in front of all your classmates and teachers.

In conclusion, I can say that being responsible is a huge part of every project you make in your life, since without it you may not be able to accomplish whatever it is you need to do. It also helps to be responsible since you are little because in that way you will be able to make a habit out of it and in the future you won’t have trouble with this and maybe you will be able to reach very far places in your career because if a mayor leage sponsor or teacher sees how you are, then maybe they can write you a recomendation letter or something like that.