Pixar in a Box

Exercise 1

Last Summer I went to Canada, I survived there for a whole month. One of the trips my group did was Kayaking. This was such a cool experience but honestly I was terrified. The water was super cold, it was dirty, and kind of deep. I hopped into the kayak with mi roomie Frida, and we were ready to roll. The point was to keep the kayak in balance and each one of us had a different job. We were so afraid of falling into the water but at the end we made it without falling. We were super exausted, but it is an experience I will take with me my whole life.

Exercise 2

Three films that Iwould take to a deserted island….

  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • Whiplash
  • The Little Mermaid II

I believe the three had a big impact on me because the main characters in all of them are pursuing what they want. In Silver Linings Playbook, Pat is trying to get in shape for the love of his life to take him back. In Whiplash, Andrew wants really badly to be a great musician that he does everything in his power to do so. In The Little Mermaid II, Melody finds the ocean and she falls in love with it but she has prohibited to go out so she sneaks out to be where she wants to be. I can identify with the plots because I consider myself a woman that fights for what she wants, and overcomes a lot of barriers to do so.

Exercise 3

  1. What is a not so mentally stable man entered a dance competition to find the love of his life?
  2. What if a student defied his very strict teacher?
  3. What if a girl escaped for her house and became a mermaid?

My own “What if’s”

  • What if a man discovered he could fly but only if he was happy?
  • What if you were a dinosaur, but you still had your own mind?
  • What if a girl wanted to swim across the whole world?

Exercise 4

  • Who are the main characters?
  1. Silver Linings Playbook: Pat and Tiffany
  2. Whiplash: Andrew Neiman
  3. The Little Mermaid: Melody
  • Is there a character you identify with most?

I can idenify with Pat from Silver Linings Playbook, since even though he has dificulties and he faces a lot of obstacles, in the end he gets what he wants with a lot of perseverance. And that is what I am planning on doing with my life.

  • Where does the movie take place? Is it one world or multiple worlds?
  1. They live in a normal american world.
  2. He also lives in a normal american world but is focused on things music related since he is at a music school.
  3. She lives in a small village on the surface above/near Atlantis.

Mixing characters

  • Pat living in a world surrounded by music, especially that one song he really hates.
  • Melody tying to dance.
  • Andrew living “under the sea”.
  • Melody playing the drums very uncoordinated.
  • Andrew dancing with Tiffany.
  • Pat learning how to be a mermaid.

Creating my own story…

“What if you were a dinosaur, but you still had your own mind”

Character: Paul, a very self-concious man trapped inside a dinosaurs body, who has to socialize with all the other dinosaurs in the planet.

World: Planet Dinosaur.

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