Product Hunts

Product Hunt #1


This is an app where you can switch between reading and listening to the same story.

I think this is a really smart idea, because not always are you available to read or you just don’t feel like reading but you can continue to enjoy the story by listening to it. Eventhough I like this idea, I wouldn’t use it because listening instead or reading doesn’t work for me, I can’t focus on what i’m listening.

Product Hunt #2

Vine Camera

Practically a Vine App, but it is not Vine. This app is for making 6 second videos, just like Vine, but instead of making a Vine account, you publish this video in your Twitter. So it is a non-Vine Vine app.

I think this is a really good idea, because since they shut down Vine we weren’t able of using this app for Vine, and me, being a Vine lover, will find this app very useful. I would love to see new Vines being made, and eventhough they will only be published in Twitter, I would’t mind. Twitter and Vine were two of my favorite apps, so having both of them in one makes me happier. I would give this app a 10/10.

Product Hunt #3

Motiv Ring

This is a stylish lightweight ring that comes with an app that helps you achieve your goals. It can track your activity, heart rate, and sleep.

In the review it says that this ring is the most low profile fitness tracker, and its true. I know there are a lot of products similar to this, like wrist bands, sport bras and t-shirts that track your activity. So this is a nice invention in the way that it is stylish and you can wear it anywhere, but I also think that it has no purpose wearing this to a formal event beause you are not exercising. So I would give this a 6/10 because I like the ring idea but I don’t find this any more useful than the products that already exist.

Product Hunt #4

Comment Mode

This is an extension in Google Chrome for Youtube in which if you activate it you can watch videos and read the comments at the same time.

I find this very useful, because i’m a huge fan of Youtube and I often want to read comments for an especific comment the creator made but I have to scroll down and I stop watching the video. I’ll give this a 10/10, because I really love this idea and I want it to be implemented ASAP.

Product Hunt #5

NOPE | I can’t right now

This is an extension for the browser (I think just Chrome) you are on at work.

no clickbait

You can plug in your phone number and if you see a coworker or anyone coming to bug you, you click on it and it will call your phone so you’ll say sorry and they’ll have to leave.

This is actually really funny but I think it is also useful. You may not want to be distracted by anyone while working so you can install this and you won’t have to deal with anyone bugging you. I would give this product an 8/10 just because it can’t be that useful, only somewhat useful and only sometimes.