What does my voice look like?


I have really liked the making of this blog. I have actually always wanted to create a blog. Eventhough this one is not “me” related, I still like it. All of what I have posted in this blog has been really interesting to me.

I think that my voice can be reflected in everything I do. From the way I dress, to the words I speak, to my expression through the violin. I believe that nowadays not everyone is aware that they do have an impact on the planet. We are a lot of people in the world, we should be able to do something about all of the bad things happening.

Speaking about my own voice, I think I know how it looks. Obviously no one can see it, but we express ourselves in our own way everyday, and that leaves a mark on people. So it is our essence that speaks for us. What I mean is, the way we do things defines us. And this way, we should be able to do something, to be someone, that can express themselves in their own way and can have an impact on the planet.