My Journey-Why I chose a Liberal Arts & Sciences University instead of just an
Art School

If you ask me when I started to develop interest in art, I wouldn't be able to answer. Why? Because I don’t remember myself. From drawing on the walls of my apartment to drawing on the floor with the leftover coal for barbecue to nail art — from digital illustrations to gifs to art activism, I've come a long way here. I was mocked a lot in school; by my teachers, friends & the society on the whole. Our society is divided into grades A, B and C. Doctors and engineers above all, accountants and managers come next, and the C grade is for nurses and educationists. Yes artists do not count in at all.

Courtesy: College of Creative Studies

Yet, I had one dream since eighth grade: To go to an art school. A place where my talents are respected and encouraged, a place where I can be educated to express myself and contribute to the society in the ways I want. Unfortunately, as I was growing up I realized that most art schools we have here, ( we don’t have many) don’t really consider art as a proper subject themselves. As far as I’ve noticed, it’s all about being edgy and cool by pursuing art, design or architecture in fancy & highly expensive art schools here. Gradually, I was losing faith in formal education. I started an independent journey toward freelancing. Less focused on studies, more on art which eventually resulted in me being a disappointment and disgrace for some.

Courtesy: College of Creative Studies

I began designing for companies from creative as well as the corporate world and for a seventeen year old, I’d say I succeeded to quite an extent. Now I was beginning to understand why most art students go to a school abroad & never look back. Even after plenty of career counseling sessions, knowing I couldn't afford to go to any of these edgy art schools and being aware that they aren't for me anyway, I was starting to consider my dream to be meaningless. Just as I was on the verge of dropping this idea, I heard about a relatively new school offering both art and liberal art together. At a literary fest, a faculty member from Habib University explained to me why this would be the be the best option for me. He explained to me how the curriculum is designed to integrate theory and practice. In my opinion, just like any other subject, there is no point of practicing design without the theory. Even if you earn plenty through that, you’re not really educated until you don’t know the background, the basics: the theory. If I just needed the technical skills, there are plenty of institutions in almost every area now that offer that. I chose Habib University for Communication Design because this bachelor program is designed in a way that gives students versatile options. (Specially for people like me who get bored very easily and can not stick to one thing, this is quite a deal) From traditional print to digital media and motion graphics, communication designers work with color, language, space, sound and spatial forums. But then the point raises that all schools offer that, what’s new? What’s new is how the course is intertwined with the liberal art core. You will study a variety of subjects, looking at the world and its people from various points of view. You will learn about ideas and beliefs that have guided human beings and shaped civilizations for thousands of years. This is what will make you look at the world from a bird’s eye-view and be the key for the door of analytical thinking for you. You’ll also find studies in design theory and criticism help you create ideas and concepts to support your studio work. For instance, take my example: I have a lot of political ideas and thoughts that I can’t seem to express properly. HU’s uniquely integrated curriculum will help me transform those political and activist thoughts into great work through the amalgamation of art and liberal art. The dynamic nature of it is that you have an exciting array of career options open to you upon graduation. Moreover, I bet that you will be taken by the University philosophy, architecture, faculty as well as the warm, welcoming, full of life but disciplined students once you put your foot down on it. While several other people will consider it a risk to enter into a university that is merely a year old, I consider it an opportunity. Habib University made me regain my faith in formal education and was a huge source of motivation for me when I was completely ready to give up on everything.
So here’s to the artists, the scientists, the entrepreneurs, the musicians,
the crazy ones! This is the place where you will be welcomed and your ideas will be respected if you have what it takes. Grab the opportunity while you can!

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