Sleep : your way to beautiful skin .

Habits that give you gorgeous skin while you sleep .

When you are sleep deprived your body produces more of the stress hormone cortisol resulting in increased stress levels and inflammation in your body . And this shows up most visibly on your skin because increased inflammation leads to a breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid — the molecules that give your skin fabulous texture , “bounce” and its glow.Here are a three habits that help you have fabulous skin while you sleep !

# Your whole body goes into repair mode while you sleep — one big activity is that your body’s hydration rebalances. If you are not getting the requisite 8 hours of sleep a night , make sure you get enough of water through the day. This way your skin will be able to recover hydration from the inside, keeping puffy eyes , dark circles and visible wrinlkes at bay.

# Make cleansing and make-up removal a part of your night time routine like brushing your teeth. Make up and creams create a film on your face and body that collect pollutants , dust and irratants . These clog your pores and inhibit collagen and elastin repair while you sleep at night.

# Dab on a really good moisturises after your cleansing routine.Choose depending on whether your skin is oily , dry , normal , combination or changes according to the whether . Look for one with effective natural humectants or essential oils — these absorb better , and help your skin hold water that gives you that shiny-smooth feeling in the morning.

Our two-bits : confused about choosing a moisturiser ? While you experiment with all that is out there — try simple cold pressed coconut-oil from your kitchen — its light and has great anti-inflammatory properties !

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