Backbone, Angular, or ….Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Looking at this week in retrospect and considering the front-end frameworks covered it is hard for me to convey intellgible information about any particular framework. I think I would have prefered if one framework were selected as a focus rather that briefly touching three in one week.

I admit after being exposed to these technologies I do recognize the utility and value they could bring to a project. As I have started to add more to the web application I started working on during the most recent project week I see a need to organize the code in such a way that it allows for scaleability and modularity. I have ideas to increase the functionality of the application but I am reluctant to add more utill I have a descent grasp of how to use a framework to make a simple app.

Of the frameworks we covered I am interested in angular the most. It’s prolific with a large community and the ability to compile code and to run a program almost like a native app has great appeal to me, especially with the option of submitting an app to one of the online vendors such as Apple’s App Store.

Another appeal of angular is the templating engine consists of binding expressions embedded in the HTML we already know and appreciate. I did a google search for a comparison of angular to backbone and found a descent overview here.

The minimalist aspect of backbone is appealing in the context of simple projects where I have crystal clear requirements and I know exactly what I need and don’t need. Ironically I think backbone would be more useful after I have a better holisitc understanidng of front-end framework concepts. For the neophyte such as myself I think a more opinionated approach is more conductive to learning how to use this new tool.

Even though it will be challenging to learn how to effectively use a front-end framework I think my projects will benefit from thier use regardless of which framework I choose. For now my intention is to do angular tutorials and start working on incorporating the web application I presented with a front-end framework in an effort to make the project more manageable.