Expensive Pee

I’ve got really expensive pee

because of what they’ve put in me

These little white caps

are sung of in raps

but I won’t do laps

I no longer take naps

The neuro-connectors in my brain

won’t let me do it. What a shame

Focus focus focus focus

Medicine is Hocus Pocus

Not magic though, that’s too creative

this stuff will have you subjugated

In one ear and out the other?

Jump and fidget? Hop and stutter?

Then say hello to my little friend

He’ll quiet you down. You’ll see in the end

But secretly he has a goal

once you throw him down your hole

Maniacally you’ll clean your kitchen

energy focused with vast precision

Jokes and humor fail to rate

once he makes you more sedate

That focus that you craved so much?

He’ll give it to you, with a but

Distractions from the task at hand

may make you mad in his fair land

In fact you’ll see, interestingly

the sanity begins to end

you’ll start to go, round the bend

He’ll remove the crazy that was before

and give you something crazy-or

So pop that pill

Just don’t forget

He comes with special side-affects

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