Amanda Renteria calls for Gavin Newsom to step down as Lieutenant Governor

Today, I am calling on Gavin Newsom to step down from his position as Lieutenant Governor. Someone with a history of sexual misconduct in the workplace doesn’t deserve to hold elected office in California.

We are at a key moment in history. People around the country have stepped up to tell their #MeToo stories and demand change.

Inspired by these courageous women, I went public with my own #MeToo story weeks ago.

The most common response I received is “been there.” That’s because 81% of women report having experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault in their lifetime.

Sexual harassment and misconduct does serious damage. 31% of survivors experience depression/anxiety afterward. 1 in 10 of them will decide to quit their job or change duties as a result. Source: National Study, @genderhealth @StopStHarassmnt @RalianceOrg

Almost daily, we see another headline about sexual misconduct in the workplace in politics. There is something wrong with the culture of politics, and a lot of people are being harmed by it.

One politician after another has been forced to step down due to a history of sexual misconduct, drinking alcohol with teenagers, or misusing their power. It’s unacceptable in public office, and Californians are demanding an end to it.

And yet, a candidate for the most powerful position in our state has a pattern of misusing his power in the workplace.

In 2007, @SFGate reported — Gavin Newsom had multiple sexual encounters with his appointments secretary while he was mayor. That employee’s husband was Newsom’s best friend and campaign manager.

The scandal was deceptively hidden from the public for more than a year.

Newsom’s best friend lost his job, and his marriage was destroyed. The female employee lost her job and entered rehab. The Newsom administration used thousands of taxpayer dollars to cover counseling expenses for the employee.

Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom went on to run for higher office.

Sadly, there’s more. @SFChronicle reported that Newsom, then a 38 yr old mayor, dated a 19 year old student. He took her to a city gala where she was photographed consuming alcohol.

This pattern of misconduct is completely unacceptable. From Washington to California, citizens have begun calling out misuse of power wherever and whenever it happens. That’s why it’s time for Newsom to step down.

We must send the message to all powerful people that, the more power you hold, the more responsibility you have to protect others. And, no one should be afraid to speak truth to power anymore.

Californians are rising up. They’re calling out elected officials who use their power to engage in sexual misconduct & ruin people’s lives. State Senator Mendoza is gone due to sexually suggestive behavior toward women and drinking with a 19 year old.

Assemblyman Bocanegra recently stepped down due to his sexual misconduct as a staffer and elected official.

The next generation, which is stepping up to engage in politics for the first time, is speaking out and demanding better from us.

We cannot go back. It is time for violators in the workplace to step down. Or, be forced out.

The most progressive state in the union will not go back to a time when we had to politely smile while promoting someone who has harmed his employees. No more. Not ever again.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change things for future generations. We have learned the power of our voice. It’s finally time to exercise that power through real action.