#MeToo: I’m tired of “I’m sorry”

Amanda Renteria
Oct 18, 2017 · 1 min read

My heart goes out to all the brave people who have told their stories of sexual assault and harassment this week.

I haven’t written my own #MeToo story because the last thing I want to hear is “I’m sorry”.

Instead, I want to hear the pronoun ‘she’ used when describing a high potential employee, prominent doctor, savvy business person, brilliant engineer, or influential faith leader.

I want to hear people ask “why?” when there are only 1 or 2 women in the Boardroom.

I want to hear women leaders quoted in graduation speeches.

I want to hear that women were invited to Happy Hour along with the rest of the team. And the next day, I don’t want to hear the boys’ conclusions about who’s hot and who’s not.

I want to hear pushback when someone says — “cry like a girl”, “play like a girl”, or “don’t be a [expletive used by the President]”.

I want to hear about your female colleague, partner, friend that is an equal to you and deserves to be recognized. I don’t want to hear about your daughter or your willingness to wait for the next generation to change things.

I am tired of waiting. I am tired of sorry. I want to hear much, much more.

Amanda Renteria

Written by

Candidate for Governor of California. Proud Public Servant: CA Dept of Justice, HFA, US Senate, City of San Jose, Woodlake H.S.

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