9 facts about Venezuela that you should know

There is no doubt that Venezuela is interesting country, rich in nature and history. We bet that there are still some interesting facts about Venezuela that you have never heard of. So, we are bringing you 9 facts that you should know about this country.

  1. Venezuela means little Venice

The word Venezuela has its roots in Italian word “Veneziola” which means “Little Venice”. The country got its name after Venice. Americo Vespucci thought that the houses close to Lake Maracaibo remaided him the Italian city.

2. Venezuela possesses the oldest lakes on earth

Lake Maracaibo lies at the northern end of Venezuela and connected to the Gulf of Venezuela. Not only that the lake is the largest lake in South America, but also it is the oldest water structure on the earth.

3. In nature Venezuelan trusts

To all nature lovers, Venezuela is such a great place for you. It has mountains, deserts, rivers, oceans, canyons, grasslands and also forests. No doubt that it has to be stunning there. Venezuela is considered to be one of the mega-diverse countries with the most earth´s species.

4. Venezuelans are always hot

There is always summer in Venezuela. The country has two seasons — hot and wet season and hot and dry season. Furthermore, Venezuela experiences Catatumbo which is a name for meteorological lightning. It appears only at the point when the Catatumbo river meets Lake Maracaibo. The lightning strikes lake for about 10 hours and can last to 160 days a year.

5. Yummy in my tummy with Arepas

Venezuelans love Arepas. They do, I swear. The truth is that they eat it all the time. Every Venezuelan eats Arepas at least once a week. It might look like typical breakfast meal. The truth is that people eat it also for lunch, dinner or even for a snack. There are family recipes of Arepas which passes from one generation to another.

6. The sweeties tooth

Even though Venezuela is the producer of the finest chocolate cacao in the world, they love sugar. They have sweet tooth and it they prove it by adding sugar to all kind of foods, like black beans or meat dishes. It might sound weird for many of us. The reality is that it tastes good because Venezuelans know what they are cooking.

7. Venezuelans love baseball

Baseball is the most popular sport among Venezuelans. They love playing it and watching. They have been in the professional league since 1945. Furthermore many professional Venezuelans players play in the U.S. Major League.

8. Rich in natural raw materials

Believe it or not, but the world´s largest proven oil reserves are in Venezuela. Besides that the country has the world´s eighth largest natural gas reserves.

9. Venezuelan girls are one of the prettiest on the world

The country is very multicultural. This might be the reason why Venezuelan ladies are one of the prettiest one in the world. These beauty queens perform very well in the beauty competitions. E.g. Venezuela has won Miss Universe title 7 times, Miss World 6 times, Miss International 6 times.

Have you ever visited Venezuela? Which place did you like the most? Share with us your tips in the comments below. :)

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