Life reboot a month later. How are we doing?
Wil Wheaton


thanks for an interesting read. I did some of the same steps you did, which mostly started because my wife was pregnant at the time so I felt the responsibility big time. I quit smoking, lost 15 kg (30+ lbs), started eating healthier and bought an adjustable desk so I sit less. It’s all about being committed to your changes.

What really helped me in terms of eating better was using a food-in-a-box service, HelloFresh in my case. I went from ordering pizza three times per week to cooking healthy, balanced meals myself. This might not work if you travel a lot, but it might be worth looking into for when you’re home.

What was also a really big think was just doing something absolutely crazy that I loved and investing myself fully. In my case, that was creating a game (see for the whole story), in your case it might be writing. What’s important is that you set yourself a goal and a timeline and you fight for it.

Best of luck with all your changes. I still have some weight to lose and need to exercise more, but I’m getting there. And I’m 19 months cigarette-free now, so my daughter doesn’t have a smelly dad who hopefully lives longer, too.

All the best


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