As a Tesla owner living in a very small village (61 houses) in the UK, I completely understand what…
Robert Llewellyn

I am rather at a loss to understand why we are not pushing forward with solar panels and other locally based renewable energy solutions. (yes I am sure we will need a road tax to pay for roads still). But as a way of speeding the move to clean energy.

I too am fascinated with Tesla. I was so tempted by the roadster, as I already have an Elise, I was pre-sold on the idea of an electric Elise. But having ridden in a friends, it’s in many ways less than a conceptual Elise.

One of the best things about a modern Elise is that it is largely debugged. Generalising whenever I have bought a brand new to market design, I’ve been unhappy, and whenever it’s matured design, I’ve been much more pleased.

The III looks to be remarkably well positioned in terms of price and specifications — but reviews and details border on non-existent; the waiting list is far longer than Tesla anticipated — this time round I hope to hit the early maturity curve — preferably once HMG makes solar panels and battery storage feasible for people at home.