What Can a Stupid, Mansplaining Comment Teach You About Neoliberalism?
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

well I agree with the vast majority of what you say

especially the role of science, the need to understand society as holistic systems.

what I think you got was a “mindless” (in the not mindful, original use sense) response about “mindless” behaviour.

I think this and so many of the internet “conversations” shows an underlying issue…

I’m not sure of the most succinct way of putting this, but…

whilst all people are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs:

- there appears to be a feeling that if “a person” believes something fervently enough, that that belief is sufficient to disregard all the other viewpoints, irrelevant whether there is a scientific background or years of experience, or cold hard reasoning and logic…

- no I don’t believe we should put people in white coats on pedestals. For instance… we have seen to many cases of doctors misunderstanding statistics, not to want to also challenge them and question them (and not just doctors…)

so was your piece intended to justify the scientific and rational base for your previous arguments?

if so why the neologism “mansplaining” all I saw was typical internet ignorance not a man v. woman comment from your counterpart…

maybe I’m just showing my age, but bringing it down to those terms, seemed to me to weaken an excellent and rational response.