Rice is a staple food of many across the globe. However, it is mainly attributed to be a food of choice of people from Asian countries. While it might be true to some extent, many miss out on the fact that rice finds a variety of applications in cuisines from other continents as well.

In fact, rice has been a part of the European cuisine even before potatoes were added to the diet. Potato arrived in Europe in 1573, but rice was already popular in Europe before that, especially due to the Arabs who introduced it in the 8th century. So let us talk about some of famous rice dishes from Europe.

  • Rice Tart: It is a highly popular rice dish commonly found in almost every bakery in Belgium
  • Paella: Since 14th century, white rice is used in Spain to make popular dishes such as paella.
  • Pilaf: Moving towards the South-East Europe, Pilaf is a commonly consumed dish savoured across many countries like Bosnia, Romania, Greece, Turkey etc.
  • Risotto: It needs no introduction at all as it has made its way to most of the countries and continents.
  • Traditional Finnish foods like casseroles, sausages, carnelian pies and rice porridge are also rice specialties consumed in Europe.

Hence, rice have been a vital part of European cuisine since a long time. With the introduction of superior qualities of Basmati Rice from the Indian subcontinent, the European Cuisine is further evolving with new dishes and flavours. The long slender grains of Indian Basmati Rice have made their way into many European households as there has been a growth in basmati rice suppliers due to which it is easily available in Europe and hence has become a regular part of their meal.

As the world cuisines evolve and fusion cuisines gain popularity, the Indian Basmati Rice is making its way into the European Cuisine, showing a promising future mostly owing to the Asian influence.

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