Why You Should Not Wear a Precious Jewellery Piece During Monsoon?

Monsoon is here with moisture and humidity in the environment. It is the time when different parts of India experiences rainfall. Monsoon is a delightful season that you can enjoy with your friends and family by having tea and snacks together.

On one side this season brings joy and on the other it makes you care more for your belongings. You have to be particular while choosing the outfit and jewellery in this season. You can wear a dark-colored clothing to avoid stains during the rain. As far as jewellery is concerned, you should not wear metallic jewellery as recommended by the experts in jewellery designing. It is because metallic jewellery gets rusted when it comes in the contact of air and moisture.

If you have a silver pendant set, store it in a jewellery box till the monsoon ends to prevent it from corrosion. The silver jewellery turns black from the moisture and loses its shine. Although you can use toothpaste to clean the silver jewellery and cotton cloth but try to keep it safe during the monsoon. Well, jewellery always needs care irrespective of any season, especially precious jewellery.

Gold and platinum jewellery is good to wear in monsoon as it does not get spoiled early with moisture. Else, you can use statement jewellery; earrings, bangle or pendants can be a good choice to wear in the monsoon season. You can buy a platinum pendant online that will give you a stylish look on a casual as well as formal wear. In earrings, studs are the best to wear in this season by keeping your neck bare to pair it with a tee and denim. You can choose waterproof watches to pair with your regular outfit during the rainy season. Watches are the minimalist yet fashionable to use it as an accessory.

To maintain the glow of your precious jewellery, do not wear it during monsoon; store in a clean, dry jewellery box to protect its shine. After using the jewellery piece for the whole day, clean it with a cotton cloth to remove dust particles from it. This will give a long life to your precious jewellery pieces.