My skeletons jumped out of my Tumblr account.

I opened my account again after 3 years. Surprisingly, it still hurts. I’ll just let the damn post speak for it self. Here you go.

I swear I’m not petty.

I guess it’s not bad to make you wait for me.

Just like how you made me wait for two years before you tried to find me.

And I waited for you to finally realize that you miss me like this. And to beg for me to give you another chance, the way I’ve always wanted. I would love to give you one more chance, but i guess it’s not bad to make you wait for me too.

The way I waited for you to finally show up to those dates I was obssesing for days to prepare, only to be disappointed that you forgot.

Or how you left me in a battle that you and me will conquer everything, only to realize that I’m the only one fighting.

And those nights too when I waited for you to message me. I waited and waited for days until finally you did sent it, a week after the last one because finally, finally you remembered me.

I guess it’s not bad to make you wait for me.

The way you made me wait for you at the train station. You saw me. I followed you. But you looked at me once and ignored me the rest of the ride, till I finally rode off the train, and you just let me go.

Remember that day on our anniversary? I had an argument with my Mom and I was a pariah for the day. I thought we can finally be together this time. I went to your house, expecting you to save me. I saw the hesitation in your eyes. You didn’t want me in your life. I can see that. You just wanted me at that moment. After that day I walked back home alone.

Because I can painfully remember that day I found out about her. I saw the messages. You were seeing someone else. I saw your reply. You told her I was your cousin. You knew I saw it. I waited for your explanation. I waited for you to let me go.

I got none.

Maybe I should let you wait for nothing too. The way you left me hanging for two years . And I make you wait for the answer that wont ever come. Yes, that’s not bad. Not bad at all.


  • To the two-timing Sonobavitch that hurt me, I hope you are doing well. Because forgiveness is a nice thing to do (Insert Taylor Swift laughing maniacal, “HAHA I can’t even say it with a straight face)
  • Reference song: (This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things)