Airfio — Crypto Banking with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Airfio is the primitive firm in crypto industry that integrates two unique technologies to systematize, streamlines and improvise the operation of crypto banking.

It assimilates blockchain technology with artificial intelligence which featured key aspects as deep learning, advanced analytics and understanding individual behaviors.

Airfio presents revolutionary era in crypto banking industry which aimed to create transactions quicker, seamless and facilitating banks to respond to user’s query in no time.

What is Airfio?

Crypto banking presents future of finance & Airfio presents future of Banking. It brings an advancement in crypto banking by assimilating neural language processing with blockchain technology.

Employing AI/Neural networks in crypto banking:

Company’s key mission of adopting neural networks in crypto banking is to let fintech firms analyze individual behavior, their future financial necessity and possible actions to retort them favorably.

Integrating AI in crypto banking is absolutely the smart effort which ensure users about the quick access to a ledger they possessed. Airfio is featured to create borderless transactions which can be access from across the globe.

Products of Company

The company is intent to fully consolidate fintech firms in cryptoworld thus it has projected 21 advvanced products which will eventually launch by 2022.

Listed below are few products that company is presently launching

ARF: ARF is its own cryptocoin which is been launching with crowdsale and pre-sale.

Assistant Application: This application is based on artificial intelligence which serves as the user’s personal manager. It guides them across their operational activity and provide satisfying experience. Assistant application is always accessible to users to solve their queries promptly without any hurdles.

Mining Application: It uses mobile technology for transparent transaction. The mining application works via servers and verify transactions instantly. Furthermore, rewards are available to those who continue processing the application.

Decentralized Exchange: Airfio is proposed of launching its decentralized exchange which doesn’t fall under any authority. This decentralized exchange application will facilitate user exchange Airfio with BTC presently (more coins will be added in coming days).

SDK: SDK is the software development kit which is aimed to benefit developers and merchants who are determined to promote ARF via their apps.

Lending Program: The program is designed to benefit the holders of ARF means that saving ARF and lending later will increase the value of coin. Ultimately, ARF holders will gain additional profit and also given priority in other products of company.

Bounty Campaign: Promote ARF and get rewarded with free tokens. Under this campaign, diverse tasks are designed that enable individuals to promote Airfio’s products. Upon achievement of the task, free tokens are accessible (based on the level they achieved in given task).

Referral program:

Beside above products, referral program is also introduced. This program is explicitly ensured the benefit a person owns by referring other members to Airfio products. Every time when a person buys a token from your referral link, you will be rewarded with company’s features and tokens.

Visa Card: With a vision to create competent financial experience, Airifio is launching its own Visa Card which is proposed to show up in the market in Q1 2018.

ATM networks: Aifrio is launching its own ATM networks which works with bio-metric technology where user doesn’t need to carry their wallet address every time. It also supports QR code which enables you invest, buy, spend or withdraw amount.

Final Thought:

However, crypto banking is now emerging in crypto market and Airfio is stepping ahead to create favorable banking atmosphere across the world. Since it uses artificial intelligence, it is absolute to say that Airfio is the smart initiation to revolutionize the fintech firms.

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Originally published at on October 18, 2017.