Cutting running costs of a warehouse using AR

Nearly everything we eat, wear and buy – from cranberries to crankshafts – moves through a supply chain, because of the high costs of moving goods from point A to point B, corporations are always on the lookout to save money in addition to improving service. Augmented reality may be an answer.

Starting from warehouses where our products are picked and packed efficiency plays a vital role, one of the costliest parts of running a “pick and pack” service is training new workers to navigate a large warehouse and find the one product they are searching for, we at ARFREYR are trying to develop AR glasses which can paint imaginary lines on the warehouse floor to simplify the searching and tracking. All that a worker has to do is to put on those glasses and follow the instructions on the glasses to finish the job quickly and efficiently!

AR shortens the learning curve by providing new hires with constant feedback on their glasses about how they are doing and what can be improved. Picking and packing becomes more like a game of Pac-Man, in which workers must gather the correct items before time runs out

Field tests have shown that such a solution reduces error rates by as much as 40%, thereby significantly reducing costs of operating a warehouse, which can be then transferred to our end customers

Our customers can expect to get products on our online store at a much cheaper rate than compared to our competitors because we are working hard trying to optimise everything we can right from the roots of supply chain

If you would like to know more about our products, do visit us at and be part of the revolution we are trying to bring in

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Our ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem on a blockchain platform for trading goods worldwide, visit us at to know more :)

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