How Augmented Reality will shape the future of mCommerce

About two decades ago, Walmart failed to recognize the potential of the internet. As a result, Amazon was able to claim a significant portion of the big box chain’s retail audience. The AR boom is in its nascent stages just as the dawn of ecommerce, retailers can’t afford to ignore this potential shift in technology and consumer demand.

The biggest hurdle customers so often face is determining whether a certain product is right for them because current online retailers only offer petty images or videos and textual description which does not allow customers to interact and engage with the products before they purchase them, like they do in a brick and motor store

A growing trend where savvy shoppers sample products in physical stores, then go online to buy them at the best available price, this is a real problem that our customers face on a day to day basis and we at ARFREYR want to solve this problem right from its roots and we aim to bring the best of both online and physical stores together by leveraging Augmented Reality

Our AR based platform conveys comprehensive product information in a simple visual way that incorporates consumer interaction with products just like they would in a real physical store using AR and consumers can then purchase them at great prices online on our mCommerce platform

We strongly believe that AR is the future of mCommerce and with so much computing power in our mobile devices, we aim to make shopping with AR a routine for everyone, if you believe in our idealogy and would like to be part of the change please do support us for our ICO which has it’s presale starting from 1st September 2018



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Our ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem on a blockchain platform for trading goods worldwide, visit us at to know more :)

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