Hassle or Hustle

Jeff Goins, in one of his newsletter entries (you have to subscribe to get exclusive content), said that there are two keys to success : Passion and Hustle.

Get those two right and you’re bound to be successful.

Passion is doing what you love. It is what excites you when you wake up.

I think I have already personally sorted my passions so let me focus on the hustle part in this post.

The other part is hustle. Another word for hustle is practice. Giving your best work in your craft. Being a real artist.

Malcolm Gladwell said we need around 10,000 hours to master our craft. Are you near that 10,000 mark already?

One of my favorite quotes has been from Steve Jobs.

Real Artists Ship! ~ Steve Jobs

What Steve meant was you create and produce your craft, whatever it may be.

Your passion might be business, or cooking, or singing. Whatever it is, you let your gift unfold and serve the world with it.

You simply deliver. Just like FedEx.

If you’re a writer or blogger, are you producing epic shit or just shit?

Do you write regularly? Do you update your blog regularly?

Or do you procrastinate and let your Lizard Brain prevent the artist in you to unfold?

I’ve succumbed to my Lizard Brain so often I can’t count the times already. Instead of Hustling, we label our tasks as hassle. We give excuses. You and I say, “That’s such a hassle”. We forget to hustle.

And with that, there goes our chance for success.

But we must continue to fight against this resistance from our lizard brains.

Seth Godin in one of his talks masterfully describes our purpose:

What you do for a living is not be creative, What you do is ship! ~Seth Godin

Are you going to ship?

What word will define you? Hassle or Hustle?

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