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Argentas already has a huge global community of ca. 100,000 people. Join us to revolutionize global payments and banking and bring them to the crypto era.

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Introduction to Argentas Crypto Banking via bridge entities

As a part of the Argentas Project and to respond to the growing need for crypto-friendly banking services for those who use, invest and transact in cryptocurrencies, and to build a bridge between physical and digital economies, Argentas is introducing the second dimension as described in its white paper, the “Bridge Entities”, to create a model “bridge bank” offering advanced crypto banking products and services.

Case for crypto banking

While banks and bank accounts will eventually morph into the blockchain, in the medium term, a new type of digital banks will serve an important role as bridge entities between crypto and traditional economies.

  • Vast creation of crypto-driven income and wealth

Vast amount of new economic activity and wealth will be generated in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere. Blockchain, or “distributed ledger technologies”, will enable the creation of the next generation internet making possible real-time online transfer of any item of value, the “Internet of Value”. Cryptocurrencies represent a new global medium of exchange.

  • Convergence of digital and physical realms

The traditional and digital realms converge, and this process will require bridge entities enabling flow of funds and transactions between the traditional and crypto economies. …

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This brief article walks you through the steps to get some XLM (Stellar lumens) unless you already have, and to get some AXU (Argentas Exchange Units) via the elegant Argentas Wallet app.

If you already have Stellar lumens (XLM) or know, how to get them, please go directly to the Argentas Wallet section below. Otherwise, please read the following section on how to buy XLM first.

First: Sign up at the Argentas website and follow the instructions after the login. It is important that you sign up first for whitelisting purposes and so on, and follow up by inserting your Stellar address to your profile details, whenever you have it. In the member area, you will also have an option to get some AXU with cryptocurrencies other than XLM i.e. with BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC, as well as via fiat money by using PayPal and credit or debit cards. …

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As a powerful second generation blockchain project, Argentas helps to build new open global financial system. The Argentas ecosystem will be formed around its core HydraNet blockchain, network interfaces and bridge entities, and an eventual decentralized application platform focusing on global financial applications. Argentas has the potential to become the blockchain for global finance.

The opportunity

Global finance will ‘go crypto’, and there is no way back:

  • Bank accounts and banks as we know them will disappear and morph into blockchain network interfaces — blockchain will record transactions and hold ‘account balances’
  • Bank services will become dapps, decentralized applications
  • Enabled by the distributed ledger technologies (DLT), first time ever, truly global, instant and virtually free payments are possible
  • DLTs have first time ever made possible to create a truly global open financial architecture and systemwithout any central authority or control

No one has so far created a ‘perfect’ solution to make this all happen: This is the perfect opportunity ahead.

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Before being able to buy the AXU Tokens, you will need to have some Stellar lumens (XLM) at hand

Our digital assets, the AXU Tokens, have been verified and listed on the Stellar Port decentralized exchange. To be able to acquire AXU, thebelow text includes some basic guidance on how to buy XLM from an exchange to be able to participate in the private AXU Token pre-distribution.

If you have already XLM at hand, please review the brief guide on how to acquire the AXU Tokens here or go directly to the website at included as well after the “Get AXU” button and terms and conditions).

Exchanges and Wallets


There are at least two different ways to acquire XLM through an exchange. Please note that we do not endorse any of the exchanges or wallets hereunder or promote their services, and we cannot guarantee the quality and accessibility of their services. The below descriptions are based on general knowledge of what has been possible in terms of ways to acquire XLM. Exchanges offering XLM through fiat or cryptocurrencies You can see a complete list of exchanges offering XLM through fiat or cryptocurrency trading pairs here. …

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The following brief guide explains how to participate in the private pre-distribution of the AXU Tokens

Argentas AXU Tokens (Argentas Exchange Unit) have been listed and verified on the Stellarport decentralized exchange. The following step-by-step instructions give a fast, easy and safe way to effect the token purchase in a couple of minutes only if you follow the instructions below.

There are two alternative ways to acquire AXU Tokens: (1) to buy them with XLM as described in this article, or (2) buy them with other cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, BCH or LTC, or with fiat money by using credit/debit cards and PayPal. The second option to use other cryptocurrencies or fiat money is described in detail on our website after the login. To be able to log in to the member area, you will first need to quickly sign up by clicking the “Sign up” or “Get AXU” button on the homepage. …

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In many ways, our project manifesto is very close to the original ideas of Satoshi, when he created bitcoin as the response to many grave concerns he had in terms of centralized powers and central authorities — it is the individual that must be big, free and empowered


Our project is not only based on developing advanced technologies facilitating the creation of a new open financial system, but it is based on a certain philosophy and ideology that emphasizes the power and potential of the individual, and is also very close to the very sound concerns that the creators of many successful projects such as the bitcoin had on their minds, when they realized their visions. Some of these concerns are greater than ever today, and smart application of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies will help to bring sustainable solutions to these problems. …

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The concern of Satoshi Nakamoto of abuse of central powers was very real, and the answer for security and safety is to migrate banks and bank accounts into the blockchain

Today’s #1 risk for banks is abuse of regulatory powers, not information technology

We have seen how vulnerable banks can be to attacks, and not so much to information security attacks but regulatory attacks of abusive nature.

If a bank’s operating platform, its information technology, is robust and solid, it is not so much the risk for a bank — the technology, given that you know what you are doing, is not the problem. Today, the major problem, and risk, lies elsewhere.

No checks and balances to keep excess regulatory powers in check

Recently, in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, we have seen that a huge power grab was administered by bureaucrats having pushed politicians to grant wholly disproportionate powers have in many places been to regulators without any real checks and balances — without any counter power to ensure that any excesses are cut out and that all banks are treated fairly and can be safe. Sometimes, extensive powers could be necessary, at least temporarily, but certainly not without any checks and balances, and certainly not for an unlimited period of time. There must always be a certain level of reason and common sense. …

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Our development, experiments and testing of Ethereum ERC-20 smart contracts vs. Stellar ones led to clear outcomes and choice

Why did we choose Stellar with its lumen (XLM) cryptocurrency as the platform for our AXU Token distribution instead of the more commonly used Ethereum platform? In fact, we spent a few months studying, writing code, experimenting and testing smart contracts on the Ethereum platform, with the aim at launching an ERC-20 compliant token distribution on the Ethereum platform. During this period of work with Ethereum, when we really learned about it in the most hands-on manner, both about its advantages and disadvantages, merits and (significant) flaws, we came up with a number of issues and concerns. …

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Argentas is a powerful second generation blockchain project bringing durable solutions to concrete real world problems

Argentas helps to create a new open global financial system. The execution of the project will enable migration economic activity from the old, incumbent structures into the new blockchain driven ecosystem, unlocking new growth and vast amounts of value-added.

While the first generation blockchain projects were individual cryptocurrencies, tokens and/or blockchains often without concrete value-adding use or utility, rather prototypes or proofs of concept than real tools, products or services, the second generation blockchains like ours will focus on actually migrating economic activity into the blockchain and generating entirely new kind of activity within a dedicated ecosystem, causing delivery of very concrete value-added to its users. …


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