I always had a plan to which all the happenings in my life would conform to. Go to school,get good grades,keep away from boys( after my first break up,decided not to date again till am done with school),finish school,get a job and get a boyfriend.

Being a recent graduate with no job and no possible signs of a boyfriend, it is no surprise that things don’t go as planned.

So when last week I received an email to attended a design jam tackling the challenge on “How might we better prepare all learners for the needs of tomorrow by reimagining higher education?” I was thrilled.

The Design Jam was organised by the Mideva Labs and brought various players in the field, from undergraduates, post graduates to the working class.

The session was very interactive as we played games ,shared on our campus experiences and brainstormed on the topic.

Brief overview of the challenge.

When sharing on his campus experience, Allan , masters student taking projected management, said that most students don,t take advantage of the opportunities they get in campus. A few percentage of them take initiative to participate in out of class events hence totally missing out on the opportunities out there.

However, not all is to be blamed on the students as lectures themselves don’t interact with them that often and pass down critical knowledge to them.

Something else that can up was the fact that we are in a bottle neck system that may or may not creativity and innovation to some extent but that shouldn’t be an excuse. We need to be the change with want.

Different ideas we put across by each attendee and we each had to pitch the ideas to rest, who would critically look at it and ask questions on the practicability of them

individual brain storming session

After the individually coming up with ideas,we pitched and voted for the best two ideas collectively and did a further discussion on them.

Being in that space ,with these creative minds really taught me a lot. It is not always about finishing school, graduating and getting a job. NO!! Using what you have , no matter how simple it is, and maximizing on the available resources can propel one to achieve their purpose in life.

No longer am I thinking in the box or out of the box , I am thinking without the box. Don’t limit yourself to the box.

P.S Let us now design a challenge around relationships, love and dating and brain storm about it.