Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

Perhaps the single most significant word in your piece is “believe”. As you’ll recall, “belief” can be defined as believing something to be true, false, whatever…without any factual verification. Unfortunately, this a VERY human quality and, in most cases, quite useful. For instance, you MAY be hit by a bus when you leave your home for work; but, it is convenient to “believe” that you won’t be crushed on the street. Political “beliefs” are often VERY persistent and to the degree that one often rejects alternative views out of hand, i.e. without ANY investigation that might confirm the veracity of those views. Social media is a nice thing in many ways; but, don’t count on it modifying the basic human mind. To illustrate, consider this: Had you seen a blog (or whatever) accusing Trump of eating babies in his basement, your inclination would be to BELIEVE it. Should you see information showing HRC to be a pathological liar, you would have rejected it out of hand. It is VERY difficult to maintain true “objectivity”; but, not altogether impossible if one devotes the time and energy necessary to truly confirm or deny their “beliefs”. Most people either CAN’T (due to limitations of education, basic intellect, information availability, etc.) or WON’T (due to limitations of being obsessed with things such as social media or video games) manage to achieve this objectivity.

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