Science Blockchain Incubator partners with Civic

We are proud to announce that our client Science Blockchain Incubator ( has partnered with Civic ( to ensure that their portfolio companies are protected by Civic’s best in class technology for identity verification as they come to market.

“The ICO market is not only growing, it is growing up,” said Science Co-Founder and CEO Mike Jones, “and that means for anyone in this space — issuers, investors, users, and certainly regulators — identity verification, security and privacy is going to be a critical issue. The team at Civic understand this better than anyone else, and we believe they have the best solution”.

While our ICO is currently underway, and the composition of the portfolio will evolve, it is expected that the platform will be invested in a number of companies at a given time, in various states of maturity. As our portfolio companies come to market with their own ICO’s, Civic will work closely with us and our advisors to provide the benefits of Civic’s robust and decentralized identity verification ecosystem.

Civic CEO Vinny Lingham said, “Delivering an efficient, effective and sophisticated solution to digital identity is a foundational problem for any modern business, something we’re unfortunately reminded of daily. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Science Blockchain at this early stage, and look forward to integrating our technology with their portfolio companies as they grow.”

“We strongly believe Blockchain will be transformative for businesses, and frankly, for societies,” continued Jones “but at a more granular level, we recognize that Blockchain technology can also be used to redefine how an investment vehicle operates for the benefit of its participants. Civic is a case in point here — the practical application of this transformative technology can have a clear and positive impact for the Science Blockchain incubator, our portfolio companies, and their investors.”

As our portfolio companies approach their own ICO funding rounds, they will be able to deploy Civic technology not only for token sales, but also for secure login and identity protection. Not only will these companies be able to come to market faster, they will in addition reduce the burden of the process, complications and responsibilities that come with storing personally identifiable information.

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