The State of the ICO Market (Mid-November)

Written by: Sherwin Dowlat of The Argon Group

We are very excited to share our insights on the ICO market. The research was conducted by The Argon Group investment bank. Did we miss anything important? Please leave your feedback / thoughts in the comment section or contact

This report contains the following sections:

  • News
  • Upcoming ICO’s
  • The Argon Group ICO’s
  • Crypto Event Calendar
  • Statistics

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Square is testing Bitcoin buying/selling via the Square Cash app.

CME announced it will be launching Bitcoin futures in mid-December.

Segwit2x was canceled; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) jumped. Check out our thoughts here.

November ICO funding:

· November is on pace for a record, in terms of total ICO funding.

· Nearly $500m in the first half of November (~75% of September)

· ~25x the funding seen in November 2016

· In aggregate, larger deals (>$6m) have continued to see the relationship between funding and relative achievement hold tight.

· Considering incomplete November data and fewer amount of completed deals, deal quality (in terms of funding and relative funding achievement) has been slightly higher than previous months.

Upcoming ICO’s

(11/16) SocialMedia.Market — a blockchain-based influencer marketing platform

(11/18) Demeter — a platform to decentralize agriculture logistics.

(11/18) ConsultX — a decentralized consultancy platform built on Ethereum.

(11/21) SwissBorg— Swiss private banking via smart contracts.

(11/22) Signals — A marketplace of data science powered signals for trading cryptocurrencies

(11/25) ETHLend — Fully decentralized peer to peer lending using the Ethereum Blockchain

(11/28) WaBi— Combines RFID and blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity of products

(11/30) Bloom— Decentralized credit scoring powered by Ethereum & IPFS

The Argon Group ICO’s

Protos, a crypto hedge fund which will invest in cryptocurrencies and digital tokens utilizing a data-driven trading strategy, closed its pre-sale last week after raising $5m and launched its public sale. The fund’s initial goal of raising $4m to cover fund costs was reached, despite intra-B2X market turmoil. With most funds taking years to raise capital, Protos’ choice to do their raise in just 16 weeks also reflects the substantial opportunity to put the initial capital to work sooner. Find more information about the announcement here. The Protos ICO is advised by the Argon Group.

Nuggets, a consumer blockchain platform which gives users a single biometric tool for login/payment/ID verification using zero-knowledge storage, closed its pre-sale and announced a delay in the public sale launch in response to adverse market conditions. Find more information about the announcement here. The Nuggets ICO is advised by the Argon Group. See terms and conditions here:

Science, the first incubator ICO, has continued with its public sale and will conclude on November 22 at 12pm PST. Science ICO is advised by the Argon Group. See terms and conditions here:

Crypto Event Calendar:

(11/16) Blockchain in Healthcare; Boston, US

(11/17–11/18) World Funding Summit; Los Angeles, US

(11/28) Consensus: Invest; New York US

(11/29–11/30) Blockchain Expo North America; Santa Clara, US


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