The story behind Argonium

Look up Argonium on Google and it’s all a bit technical. The Argonium ion (ArH+) is described as a molecular tracer for almost purely atomic gases. Basically, the presence of the ion will lead you to gases in some of their purest form, often found in supernovae and other massive celestial events.

In other words, as Argonium, you have the ability to lead people to an answer. So, we we thought, what if we asked consumers to play the role of astronomers and we played the role of the tracer? The result is that they’ll build their own connection with the brand in its purest form, and will have their own story to tell.

The brand gets an ambassador without having to outshout competition and the consumer has a story or a journey that s/he has been a part of. Their partnership will help ensure salience for that product or brand.

In a market where the medium enslaves the message, Argonium believes the message must be sacrosanct. In doing so, the brand ideal or its higher purpose must always be absolutely clear. We work with our clients in making this purpose statement as simple, consumer friendly, and relevant as possible. We’ll help you craft it and we’ll also help you deliver it through our solutions team.

We’re not rocket scientists and we’re not operating on neural networks, but we do believe that we understand consumer messaging and we know our approach works for a lot of clients including Liberty House Group as well as the Singapore Slammers among others.

Just as a supernovae is about the brightest object in the night sky, we believe every brand has the ability to create a universal impact in its own right. We would like to think that we can be the partner that will enable that to happen.

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