5 advantages to join ARGO reality Pre ICO

Our Pre ICO will go from March 27 to April 17. Those, who buy tokens in first 2 days, takes 50% discount, 40% on 3–4 days, 30% and 20% on 5–6 and 6–8 days.

  1. Dream team with experienced specialists

We are AltWolf LLC, a team from Minsk (Belarus) with 10 years of IT-experience. We’ve been working on this project for the whole year. We have several games in portfolio and a project with more than 30,000,000 installations.

Here you can read more about our team. ARGO reality is a Belarusian project and we are mostly from Belarus, but also have advisors from Japan, UK, Canada, Germany and U.A.E.

2. Real project with great future

In July2017 we launched the Go2me application as our MVP. It was a series of mobile quests using the augmented reality. For prize winning options, players were offered goods and coupons of popular brands, being a promotional campaign of a largest shopping mall in Minsk.

During test run the MVP demonstrated excellent metrics:

1. 47,3% — is the user retention on the 30th day after installation. The world’s average is about 20%

2. 4,2 — is the MVP user rating in Google Play

3. 8 — is a number of brands wishing to take part in the very first MVP run.

Now we have MVP app in App store and in Google Play.

3. AR is our future

Augmented Reality doesn’t require a mainstream adoption of new technology to succeed. Millions of people worldwide already possess the necessary hardware to use AR. The modern smartphone is primed and ready to roll when it comes to AR applications.

4. We use smart contract

You’re the one making the agreement; there’s no need to rely on a broker, lawyer or other intermediaries to confirm. Documents are encrypted on a shared ledger. There’s no way that someone can say they lost it.

5. The professional community estimates our results

Our project received 4.5 out of 5 on ICO Bench, by the way 2 months and we became the Top writer in VR.

Join us! Buy your part of the future right now.