The Bitcoin Halving: One step closer to digital gold and global economic prosperity

The halving is just a few days away and it’s a great time to think about where we’re headed. Each halving is a reminder that Bitcoin runs a monetary policy contrary to all Central Banks on planet Earth. Every 4 years, Bitcoin chops it’s mining reward in half, proving, the deflation nature of technology and the fact that we can do more with less.

As Bitcoin approaches digital gold status and eventually removes the ability of central banks and governments to counterfeit our hard work, under the guise of inflation, our economy is going to take a radical leap forward.

It’s going to continue to move away from wasteful activities that governments and stagnate incumbents are known for and pivot to fast moving crowd and VC funded projects instead. Silicon Valley has the most vibrate VC market in the world. It all started with computers, but quickly jumped into communications, advertising, media, transportation, health, education and now finance.

While advancing technology is having global impacts, much of the rewards are highly concentrated with very little spill over to main streets around the globe. One issue, is that majority of us don’t have access to the VC market and pre-IPO unicorns. Due to regulation, the common Joe is being disrupted, without being able to hedge against his own obsolesces.

If the system was fair, taxi drivers could invest in Uber and the folks that rent their homes could invest in AirBnB. It’s a no-brainer. These two companies are freeing up resources, allowing the world to be more efficient, which should be reducing prices across the board.

Why isn’t that happening?

Central banks are mandated to fight against it. Their inflation targets fight against every efficiency gain, and literally tax the little guy for it.

The very fact that banks are having trouble generating inflation, means that we’re making due with less. We’re becoming more efficient and incredibly the banks are falling behind on their mandate. Negative interest rates are now the norm and their tower of debt is beginning to lean.

If bitcoin was our monetary base, the efficiency gains, through the application of information technology, would allow everyone in the world to get a small bump in their savings, as capital is freed up and humanity becomes more efficient. We don’t even need access to pre-IPO markets to benefit from global innovations. The advances coming from Silicon Valley and other tech hubs would ripple around the globe, decreasing prices and increasing your purchasing power, while improving everyone’s quality of life.

There is no need for governmental basic income, or any of that resource based economy mumbo-jumbo, in the future. Bitcoin is in the process of creating a inclusive closed loop capital market, where no one can counterfeit or create wealth out of thin air. When that is coupled with a strong tech industry, the entire world will feel the advancements in lock step.

Eventually we’ll dispel inflationary economics for the sham that it is, and embrace the feedback loop of the shared economic prosperity that occurs when capital is freed up to take on the next challenge. Let robots do the grunt work, so we can use our imagination, ingenuity, and compassion to further humanity, instead of slaving for wages, doing repetitive tasks, being replaced and having little to show for it.

That day can’t come soon enough, but each halving is a step in the right direction.


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